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NicZ design
SINCE 2008

NicZ design

Dutch designer Nicolette Zwartkruis founded studio NicZ design in 2008.

Educated as a fashion designer at the Academy of Arts St. Joost Breda, she has worked since 1994 for several fashion labels and retail outlets.

The environmental concern and awareness about the pollution caused by the fashion industry was one of the reasons to start the studio.

Today, she still works as a freelance garment designer with customers who have the same ethical work and mindset towards a responsible fashion industry.

Capra + Co.

Besides the projects she was commissioned to work on, the studio has enabled her to develop CSR projects in Africa and the Dutch Caribbean.

While living on Bonaire from 2014 to 2018 she corporated in a program with WNF to revive the traditional art of natural tanning of goat skins.

This has resulted in the project Capra + Co. where the skins are not wasted but used to create in fashion & interior styles.


Petal by Petal

The Covid-19 pandemic that erupted shortly after Nicolette’s return to the Netherlands gave her the window of opportunity to fulfill another dream she had. As a budding florist, she decided to go back to school to learn about the fundamentals, history and magic of floristry.

While studying AD Floristry at the Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Wageningen she was confronted with the level of sustainability in floristry. Her green heart could not turn a blind eye and found its voice through her graduation project that she presented in June 2022. Aptly titled Petal by Petal.

This project has brought to light how low the ecological awareness of the customer in the Dutch floristry is. This story is now told by exhibitions and lectures.

Photo credit: Janneke Snellink Fotografie


Another direct result of successfully graduating as a florist is the launching of the atelier FloNic floral tailoring in autumn 2022. Sustainable floristry is the starting point for custom-made installations, decorations and botanical sculptures.

Nicolette works with all the natural beauty that nature has to offer. She creates and inspires from the green heart.

In this atelier, the flower becomes a flower again.

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